Focus: 24MX Goggle Case

Storing goggles effectively

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Make: 24MX

Model: 24MX Goggle Case

Recommended Price: EUR 24.99 19.99 (20% off now).

Available in Colours: Black.

Size: Height: 11cm. Length: 35cm. Breadth: 24cm.

Features: A bag that will ensure you are prepared every single time that you hop onto your motorcycle, no matter the location. Choosing the right goggles is extremely important, but so is having the correct accessories. Those can often be small, like roll-off film, and easy to misplace, hence why this goggle case will remove any unnecessary headaches. Features include:

– A hard-shell.

– Four adjustable dividers.

– Three compartments in the lid for lenses, roll-off rolls and tear-offs.

24MX log-in rubber.

– A convenient carrying handle.

Design: The 24MX Goggle Case can store everything goggle-related, like five regular goggles and three to four goggles with roll-offs attached. There is, of course, a separate section for accessories such as roll-off film and tear-offs. Everything has its place in the 24MX Goggle Case!

Suitable For: Riders of all levels competing in all disciplines. It doesn't matter where you are riding your motorcycles, you need to protect your eyes and therefore you need to have a place to keep the equipment that is going to do that! This is also ideal for travelling, as it is so small and light that it does not get in the way. Use this bag to take goggles in the car or on a flight and then use that time to prepare the products. You'll have everything that you need thanks to the 24MX Goggle Case!

Comment: It is fair to say that vision is rather important. Shocker, right? Choosing the right goggles is extremely important. It is also important, however, to ensure that the various accessories are stocked and ready to go every single time that you hop onto your bike. Purchasing top of the range goggles is merely a part of the equation, as it is also important to ensure that you have roll-offs if it is going to rain. What if it is going to be a dry day? Make sure tear-offs are stocked and ready to go as well. You can ensure that you are ready for every possible scenario by carrying the 24MX Goggle Case around with you.

Buy the 24MX Goggle Case! Click here.

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