Focus: Raven Goggles

The Raven Edge goggles

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Brand: Raven

Recommended Price: 79.99. Now on sale for €49.99.

Available in: A wide selection of striking designs and colours.

Size: One size

Fit: The adjustable strap is made to do just that for a great fit on your helmet.

Comfort: The face foam consists of three layers: The third layer that is next to the skin is made of moisture-absorbing and comfortable micro-fleece and the inner layer dissipates moisture. This means maximum comfort with minimal fog.

Design: You can also buy lenses separately, so you can change your look as you want.

– Anti-fog and anti-scratch lens.

– Good fit in helmet.

– Easy to replace lens.

– The inside of the strap is silicone-coated.

– Storage bag included.

Suitable for: All types of riding, motocross, freestyle, free-riding, enduro and mountain biking!

Comment: The frameless design and the large tear-off lens with unobstructed visibility are arguably the market's most beautiful goggles. With a wide field of view and tear-offs, you can push your riding performance to the limit regardless of riding and weather conditions.

Buy Raven Edge goggles on 24MX. Click here.

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