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Tire Pressure: It is so important when working with your dirtbike suspension that you have the appropriate tire pressure and tyre. If your tyre has too much air or is under inflated, it can cause discomfort to you. It is recommended to us 11-13 PSI for motocross and 13-14 PSI or more for off-road to prevent flats. It is also believed that using an 18″ rear wheel also has more rider comfort than a 19″, but it will depend on where you are comfortable.

Maintain Your Suspension: Oil breaks down and gets impure as time passes resulting for your suspension to fade when it heats up. It is advisable to change your fork and shock oil every 20 hours and replace wear parts like bushings and seals every 40 hours. If not done, this will cause leaky seals and friction due to excess play. Modern dirtbikes nowadays are specified at the usage of 5wt fork oil. Shocks run at elevated temperatures and use lighter 2.5wt oil so they don't deteriorate and stop working as rapidly. We recommend the A9 Fork Oil.

Proper Spring Rate and Sag: You want to make sure you have the proper dimensions: The common dimensions of your sag are about 95-115mm and it will be an aspect for your bike to run well. It is also common to check the static sag of the bike without the rider. Pick suitable static sag between 25-45mm. If the sag is lesser than 25mm. If the sag is lesser than 25mm, you may need stiffer spring and also if you have a sag greater than 45mm you will need a softer spring.

Use a Torque Wrench: Always check your owner's manual for the proper torque spec. By any means, do not over tighten the triple clamp bolts for the reason that for forks tubes are very thin and will disfigure easily. Your fork bushings travel past the lower triple clamp mount and can bind if the clamp is over tightened resulting the fork to be harsh. Ensure that both of the fork tubes are set at the identical height. By raising and lowering the forks in the triple clamps you will have an option to differ the turning stability of your bike.

Bleed The Air Out Of The Forks Every Time You Ride: Make it a habit of bleeding the air out of your forks at the start of the day prior to your ride. Air expands with heat and altitude that is why it is essential to start off your ride without unnecessary pressure.

Troubleshoot Your Suspension: Learning to troubleshoot your suspension for better performance is also an important factor for a rider to learn. Suspension that bottoms out too easily may need more firmness from your clickers, an elevated oil level, more solidity valving, stiffer spring rate or just need to be serviced. A good rider can keep away from all the bumps on the track and make any suspension feel good. 

There are many ways you can perfect your suspension, but these are some of our favourites.

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