Essentials with: Max Vial

Max Vial offers up advice

Max Vial is preparing for the start of the fast-approaching season and will compete in the Enduro World Championship, as well as the French Enduro Championship. Vial has been focused all winter and training hard for the beginning of the season. Now, presumably, an average rider would think that they do not have too much in common with an international star like that. That is where you would be wrong though.

Everyone needs the right kit at the right prices. It is no different to a builder having the correct tools to do the job! We asked Vial to give us the lowdown on his preparation and what products he chooses to put his faith in. This could be useful…

"My essential bits of kit include my Proworks bike stand, a 24MX race tent, table, a comfortable chair to rest on between races or when I'm riding for fun at my home track," Vial said. "I also use a few pairs of prepared Raven goggles (you can never have too many) and Sidi boots."

"I am very happy and very motivated for this beginning of the season.  I trained well this winter and I cannot wait to be in Germany for the first race.  My goals is to be champion of France and in the top five in the EWC. I feel great on my 300 Beta Racing Atomic Moto.  It's a versatile bike, super fun to ride and efficient. The main thing, in order to progress, is to have fun on the bike."

There is a super deal on race tents for a limited time on 24MX, as they are available for €65.99. Those are super easy to put up: Just unfold the tent in a few seconds by pulling the four tent legs in each direction and the frame will lock into its position and then you are ready to go.  Shop the deal by clicking here!

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