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For over four decades, Italian Gaerne racing boots have been made ??from the finest leather. With its delicate balance between protection and comfort Gaerne always supplies superior boots for customers worldwide.


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    What is Gaerne?

    Gaerne offers a wide selection of Italian motocross and motorcycle boots of very high quality. Gaerne is an Italy-based company and has been manufacturing high-quality boots for over 45 years. With thier great success with cross-boots Gaerne SG-10 have made Gaerne into a household name worldwide. There is much that has changed since its inception 45 years ago. From the simplest of sewing machines used in the manufacture of boots at the start, to today's high-tech machines. But Gaerne are never going to change their address. They intend to always keep production in Italy and thus maintain the good quality of the boots Gaerne is so famous for. Everything is manufactured in their own factory in Italy and they are proud that their high boots are "made ??in Italy".