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Dragon is an American company which manufactures sunglasses and goggles. They make unique, stylish, functional goggles for motocross, snowmobile and other action sports. Dragon goggles offers both good looks as well as good protection for the eyes.


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    What is Dragon?

    Dragon Alliance was founded in 1993 in a small garage in Capo Beach, Southern California. The founder Will Howard's ambition was to produce glasses that suits people with active lifestyles. Howard himself had a genuine interest in surfing, snowboarding and ski cross and it was his interest in action sports that made Howard found Dragon. To begin with, ??Dragon made sunglasses traditional cut that primarily attracted surfers. But soon he added to the range to the current scope where Dragon offers eyewear and goggles for most action sports. Dragon produces arguably products with a unique design. With a pair of goggles from Dragon, you can be sure to obtain the perfect fit, solid construction and high functionality while the design allows you to really stand out from the crowd.